You make a profit from the assignment of your receivables

Often the enforcement of damage compensation claims is a long process. The these cases, many businesses tend to completely assign the receivables and with them ensure a quick and uncomplicated inflow of liquidity. CREDITALE is happy to help with the evaluation of your claim for damages. The processing or purchase of receivables is made through our subsidiary CREDITELL GmbH.

No lengthy lawsuits

Damage claims lawsuits are usually quite lengthy. The preparation of expert opinions also tends to take a long time. If your demands are not met, these risks are no longer relevant for you and you can concentrate on your business.

Fair conditions

With the assignment of your claim, we pay attention to a fair relationship between the risk of a claim for damages and your justified entitlement to the highest possible amount of compensation.

Quicker inflow of liquidity

A quicker inflow of liquidity can be much more attractive for a business in certain cases than the prospect of a possible compensation sum. With the sale of your receivables, you ensure liquidity for your company.

No risk

With the assignment of your receivables, you will have no risk of the antitrust damages compensation lawsuit. You will receive the agreed purchase price regardless of the outcome of the procedure on conclusion of the purchase contract.