Creditale is specialised in antitrust damage lawsuits

We know that there are many ways of financing lawsuits. The CREDITALE concept of exclusive financing of antitrust damage lawsuits in combination with a strong and reliable network of renowned partners sets standards. The combination of expert knowledge, concentration on antitrust proceedings and excellent partners leads to the optimal chance of enforcement of claims for damages.

Expert knowledge

Starting with the managing director of CREDITALE GmbH, Mr Werner Schneider, we count exclusively on renowned experts in their field. Mr.Schneider draws on a wealth of experience of over 40 years as an entrepreneur, tax consultant and auditor.


Competition law infringements are not only determined at the level of the Federal Cartel Office, but are also prosecuted increasingly often through the EU-Commission. In such cases, it is crucial that CREDITALE is obviously also working for international clients in equally internationally-led lawsuits.

Specialised legal firms

Our partner firms have been trusted with all developments of antitrust law for decades. In particular, our partner law firm SGP Rechtsanwälte has already achieved numerous successes in judicial and also out-of-court settlements in damage claims for CREDITALE customers.

Solid financial basis

Compensation for damages in antitrust law is often substantial. Therefore, the amount in dispute and lawyers’, expert and court costs are accordingly high. Also, the generally long length of these procedures increases the costs. roellpartners GmbH is a shareholder of CREDITALE GmbH.

Transparent collaboration

Your success is the focus of our business and with it also the transparency of all work processes of CREDITALE and your partner. You have a central point of contact with CREDITALE for your damage proceedings and at the same time we ensure that you are always up-to-date and informed every step of the way.

Leading experts

With EE & MC, CREDITALE has the perfect partner for all competitive economic questions and tasks. The renowned experts offer highly-developed economic analyses, advice as well as expert opinions for questions of antitrust law.